Riverside Opera

Just a quick reminder that our regular monthly venue is a private residence that is home to three fluffy cats and an adorable puppy. We do our best to deep clean the house to help those who have allergies, but we can only do so much. Please remember to take your allergy meds. If you are afraid of dogs or cats we, unfortunately, cannot assure you that you will not come in contact with them at some time during the game. We do our best to minimize their contact with the player base, but (in the case of the puppy) potty breaks are a necessity.

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Clan Cap Update: As Giovanni remains the most populous clan in the RO they are now capped. No new Giovanni may be brought in in the month of March.

As one of the lowest population clans, Nosferatu is now incentivized. Any Nosferatu created and played in the month of March will gain 5 non-transferrable XP for boosting the population.

Clan Cap