Caine: the Father of Fangs

Caine: the Father of fangs

The following is a brief recounting of the story of Caine as published by White Wolf.  It is paraphrased from source material found within various Vampire: the Masquerade supplements, and it is not meant to be an original creation in any way. 

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. You know the story—let there be light, and all. Adam and Eve, then a whole shitload of begats. But before the begat, back when there was just the one family, the stories say, there were two brothers.

One, a farmer named Caine, prepared a sacrifice to God of his finest fruits and vegetables. His brother Abel also prepared a sacrifice of the finest animals he had raised while tending flock. God looked down on the sacrifices, and He was pleased with Abel’s offering, and chided Caine on his lesser alms. Some stories say what happened next was done in great anger or jealousy or even sadness, depending on the interpretation. Whether it was to earn God’s favor or to spite Him, Caine seized his brother, cast him on the altar and spilled his blood—it was the finest offering he could give. To punish Caine for the murder of such a pure soul, God cast him out into the Land of Nod.

As he wandered the darkness of Nod, he was visited by an angel, a servant of God. The angel asked, “Caine, please repent! For God, your Father, will forgive you!”

Caine rejected Him, and the angel cursed Caine to forever walk in darkness.

A second angel came to Caine. The angel begged Caine: “Repent, brother! You do not have to remain outcast and a wanderer of darkness! Just ask for forgiveness, and Eden shall be yours again!”

Again, Caine rejected Him. This time, he was cursed to live forever so that one day he might repent.

A third angel then came to Caine. This time, the angel said nothing, and Caine only shook his head. This time, he was cursed with the Beast within, who constantly thirsted for the blood of man. When the final angel departed, Caine awakened, becoming the first vampire.

Lastly, a fourth angel, who loved Caine truest of all (who some call Lilith) gave him one tiny blessing, one hope for redemption: Golconda. Whether he wanted it or not, there remained a path to the light.

Caine soon discovered that he had powerful abilities at his disposal as a result of the Beast. Celerity, Potence, Fortitude, Obfuscate, Dominate, Presence, Protean, Animalism, Auspex, and (eventually) Thaumaturgy were all his to use.

Despite his newfound abilities, Caine wandered the Land of Nod in loneliness. The memory of his sin and the loss of his brother drowned him in sorrow. Finally, after many ages, he found his way to the realm of men again. Some of them sensed his power and worshipped Caine as a god. Others vilified him and let him not linger on their doorsteps. Finally, he settled down in a settlement known as Enoch, the First City.

There in the first city, Caine made three childer: Enoch the Wise, Irad the Strong, and Zillah the beautiful. Though he loved his childer and they loved him, Caine decreed that no more Together, the four of them ruled over Enoch for centuries, and under their rule, Enoch was transformed into a vast empire.

Eventually, though he had grown rich and powerful atop his ivory throne in his palace, Caine grew weary of the world and went to seek out the promises of Lilith and Golconda. And for a time, the First City prospered without him. Growing lonely in their own right, the Second Generation of vampires Embraced childer of their own—13 of them, who were in turn forbidden from siring progeny. Unfortunately, they did not listen.

God looked down upon this city of vampires and it angered him. With His divine fury, he called forth the Deluge, the great flood, and washed the earth clean, killing all but the Second and Third Generations and all the humans that were not upon the Ark.

Wracked with despair, Caine disappeared. His surviving childer and grand-childer sought him out, and when they found him, him told them to go away. Left to fend for themselves and jealous of the favor of the Second Generation, the Third Generation rose up, killed Enoch, Irad, and Zillah, and founded the Second City. When Caine learned of their treachery, he carried the rage of a dark god and cursed all of those involved in the murders, just as he had been cursed.

Absimiliard, who was obsessed with his own vanity, was cursed with a single blemish on his perfect skin. As time went on and he obsessed over the tiny imperfection, it spread and grew until his entire body was covered in terrible deformities. Thus, the Nosferatu were born.

Arikel, who was enamored of her lover’s beauty, was cursed to be a slave to that vanity forever more. Thus, the Toreador were born.

Ashur, who was obsessed with the nature of death, was cursed to look as though she was dead as well. Thus, the Cappadocians were born.

Dracian, who loved to trick and deceive his brethren, was cursed to roam the earth forever and be hated for his nature. Thus, Clan Ravnos was born.

Ennoia, who loved beasts as well as nature, was cursed to show her wildness on her face as she became closer to the Beast within. Thus, the Gangrel were born.

Haquim, who ferreted secrets between his brothers like a thief in the night, was cursed with skin just as dark, so as to never truly fit in. Thus, Clan Assamite was born.

Troile, who let her emotions guide her, was cursed to forever be subject to her anger and be tormented by her Beast. Thus, Clan Brujah was born.

Lucien, who loved the look of his own reflection in the bright lights of the court, was cursed to no more have the ability to be seen in mirrors and to be more susceptible to the light of the sun. Thus, Clan Lasombra was born.

Mekhet, who was obsessed with travelling the world and seeing everything there was to see, was cursed to have to sleep only in the earth of his home land. Thus, Clan Tzimisce was born.

Set, who could very nearly survive the sun and loved to experience the light, was cursed to forever reside in the dark or else face extreme harm. Thus, the Followers of Set were born.

Ventru, who was very selective about the company he kept or the things he acquired, was forever cursed to only feed upon one type of blood to survive. Thus, Clan Ventrue was born.

Malkav and Saulot, so the story goes, were favorites of Caine and had taken no part in the plot to destroy the Second Generation. Instead, an angel came down from heaven and blessed each of them in turn for their purity of heart. Malkav received great knowledge, which unfortunately alienated him from his brothers, as he could understand things that they could not. Saulot received the gift of sight, and a third eye opened on his brow where the angel kissed him. Thus, Clans Malkavian and Salubri were born.

After the loss of the Second Generation, Caine retreated from the world, ordering that no more vampires ever be created. Of course, the Third Generation did not listen, and the Jyhad was born.