Clan Stereotypes: Tremere

Clan Stereotypes: Tremere

The Tremere are a deeply hierarchical clan of vampiric wizards. They value secrets, magical power, and control. They rarely like to be the obvious root of power, instead preferring to work from the shadows; partially this is for their own protection, but mostly this is because most clans rarely trust the Tremere due to their history. The need of Tremere to control colors their perceptions of the other clans, as you’ll shortly see, and drives them to collect and hold boons in return for their unique talents.

Brujah: Tremere view the Rabble as “useful idiots” — their desire for freedom and their desire to break things means that the right word can send an army of crazed killing machines at enemies of the clan.

Gangrel: While the Tremere find the Gangrel sometimes have useful information to share (particularly regarding lupines), in general the Tremere feel the Gangrel are beneath notice except occasionally as subjects for experimentation.

Malkavian: The Tremere despise what they can’t control, and the Malkavians are perfect examples of uncontrollable, chaotic factors. Tremere rail against Malkavians, actively attempting to oppose and contain them, and more than a few schemes of the clan are designed to ensure the Children of Malkav are ignored as madmen.

Nosferatu: Most Tremere in the know consider the Nosferatu their true enemy, as opposed to the Toreador or Ventrue. This is because both clans obsess over secrets, but the Nosferatu are experts at extracting those same secrets. Tremere often seek to misdirect the Nosferatu by trading them information about some more interesting third party.

Toreador: Tremere are aware of the Artistes’ political clout and so often cozy up to the clan, acting as advisors when possible, to wield Toreador power and influence as if it were their own. Both clans often find themselves allies against the “lesser” clans (Brujah, Gangrel, Nosferatu, and Malkavian). The Toreador see themselves as fighting against impropriety and grotesquerie, and the Tremere are more than willing to let them hold that illusion in return for fighting the Wizards’ political foes.

Ventrue: The Blue Bloods lead, and that’s fine with the Tremere. Tremere actively seek to place the predictable Ventrue in positions of power in the city. They know the Ventrue will often follow the eminently reasonable advice of their magical advisors — and when trust can’t be forged that way, boons can be used to enforce compliance.

Caitiff: The Tremere try to minimize these wildcards of the Camarilla, working tirelessly to keep them out of the halls of power. Many Tremere actively support the appointment of powerful, aggressive Scourges as a way to keep the “mudbloods” out. The Tremere fear that a Caitiff with Thaumaturgy may allow their secrets out and eliminate one of their major advantages.

Independents: The Tremere have a rivalry with the Giovanni; Necromancy and Thaumaturgy are very similar, and both clans actively seek to learn the other while simultaneously trying to minimize the value of their opposition. Unsurprisingly, the Tremere despise the Assamites and would like to see them all wiped out (the blood curse was a regrettable compromise). Setites are often viewed as direct competition to Tremere control of a city, whereas Ravnos are considered dangerous con artists. Tremere who are aggressive with weakening Malkavians are downright murderous towards Ravnos. As for the Salubri, the Tremere actively hunt down any rumors of them to execute the soul-stealing diablerists, and readily explain to all Kindred how dangerous and evil the children of Saulot are.

Tremere antitribu and the Sabbat: There are no Tremere antitribu, of course. Why would anyone think such a thing? Surely the clan has wiped them all out. Tremere generally view the Sabbat as a short-term threat that will rip itself apart with infighting despite the vaulderie, and so are often content to wait them out. That said, Tremere also realize the value in boons gained from employing thaumaturgy against the Camarilla’s enemies, and so often find themselves on the front lines (sometimes by order from above).