Clan Stereotypes: Gangrel

Clan Stereotypes: Gangrel

It’s time for another episode of our “Clan Stereotypes” series, where we give you the rundown on what one clan thinks of its fellows in the Camarilla.

The nomadic Gangrel, some say, are hardly even part of the Camarilla, given how rarely they attend courts and appear at Elysium. These wandering vampires are consummate predators and masters of the wilds, able to survive in the face of challenges that would lay low members of other clans. Perhaps due to their survival instincts, the Gangrel keep their own counsel, staying out of politics as much as possible. This gives them a uniquely detached perspective, to wit:

Brujah: The Gangrel respect strength, and the Brujah are among the most powerful warriors of all Kindred. That said, Gangrel typically feel the Rabble are too hot-headed and too idealistic to make anything more than fleeting allies when force is required.

Malkavian: Perhaps more than any other clan, the Gangrel “get” the children of Malkav. Both clans have a strong desire to explore the world and glean insights from it; the Madmen just explore their detailed inner worlds. That said, while no Gangrel would ever rely on a Malkavian for anything, they do often find them sources of interesting conversation.

Nosferatu: Gangrel and Nosferatu often get along fairly well, as both clans dwell in places other Kindred fear. Gangrel also often find themselves growing increasingly bestial as they age, sometimes to the point of becoming a walking breach of the Masquerade. Nosferatu can provide advice, comfort, and solidarity for these Beasts. Finally, when Gangrel need quick escape from a city, the Nosferatu can often oblige.

Toreador: The Gangrel don’t have much positive to say about the Degenerates, who they by and large consider fops more interested in creature comforts than exploring the limits of the vampiric condition or preparing themselves to survive when (not if) disaster strikes a city. For their part, the Toreador often turn up their noses at the Gangrel, who they consider little more than violent animals.

Tremere: There’s no love lost between the Tremere and the Gangrel. The Gangrel believe the Tremere tortured and diablerized scores of Gangrel during the Warlocks’ sudden appearance and rise to power in the Dark Ages, and this insult has yet to be forgotten. Kindred, after all, have very long memories, and Gangrel are often quite free with information within the clan. Around campfires across the world, Gangrel are taught by their fellows to fear and loathe the Tremere, and while this hate isn’t quite as strong as, say, the Assamites’ or the Tzimisce’s, no Gangrel will willingly work with a Tremere.

Ventrue: Even those Gangrel who are staunch supporters of the Camarilla value freedom — freedom to explore, freedom to be themselves, and most importantly, freedom of movement. The Ventrue often try to restrain these impulses to better establish “order” (and to use Gangrel physical prowess to their benefit), so the Gangrel rarely get along well with the Blue Bloods. Sometimes a Ventrue of a particularly knightly bent can forge a fast friendship with a Gangrel, but such relationships are few and far between.

Caitiff: Gangrel rarely have quarrel with the clanless. Indeed, they typically judge Caitiff on a case-by-case basis, trusting and getting along with those who embody Gangrel ideals (an explorer’s spirit, a drive to survive, and an appreciation for nature) and simply ignoring those who fail to live up to them.

Independents: Through their travels, Gangrel are the Kindred arguably most likely to have run across the independents. The Gangrel respect the Assamites as fellow warriors who have survived far worse shackles than any Gangrel will know. Some Gangrel find the tricksters of the Ravnos interesting companions when the two clans pass in the night, but only a fool would trust one. As for the Setites and the Giovanni, the Gangrel are largely repulsed by their perversions and disregard for anyone other than themselves. The clan holds the Giovanni in particular disdain for their abuse of corpses and the dead.

Gangrel antitribu and the Sabbat: While many Gangrel would like to have a similar arrangement with their antitribu cousins as the Nosferatu secretly do, Gangrel antitribu are largely too violent and too murderous for this to be feasible. The antitribu are beasts, and Camarilla Gangrel put them down when they’re encountered (though they don’t particularly enjoy that duty). The Sabbat are loathed as religious fanatics who, while they may have some useful lore, are planning on dragging the entire world into an eternal night.