Clan Stereotypes: Malkavian

Clan Stereotypes: Malkavian

It’s time for another episode of our “Clan Stereotypes” series, where we give you the rundown on what one clan thinks of its fellows in the Camarilla.

The children of Malkav are all mad. Not mad in the “I talk to fish and hug stuffed animals” way, but mad in the “psychopathic killer who seeks to enlighten you about how the Bilderberg Group controls your mind with T-waves by slowly pulling out pieces of your brain while you’re awake and restrained” way. Malkavians view their madness as enlightenment; what others call insanity is simply the Malkavians seeing the world as it truly is, without the comfortable veil others put upon the horrible truths of existence.

Because of the nature of the Malkavian clan, their opinions of other clans are exceedingly idiosyncratic, other than that all Malkavians view other Kindred as woefully lacking in foresight and wisdom. The following stereotypes focus more on lucid, politically active Malkavians and thus only scratch the surface of Malkavian perspectives.

Brujah: Many Malkavians find the Rabble brutish, foolish, and completely lacking in any form of wisdom. This, naturally, makes them common targets for pranks and techniques of “enlightenment,” such as Dementation. That these happen to cause outbursts of violence and frenzy just underscores how false the facade of civility truly is.

Gangrel: In Gangrel, to some degree, Malkavians can find those willing to bend an ear and at least entertain the truths that they see so very clearly. Gangrel rarely stay in a city long, but while they do, they often treat the Malkavians with some respect, and in return, the Malkavians attempt to show them the Truth.

Nosferatu: Nosferatu are a paradox to many Malkavians. They’ve clearly been shown a great truth, as evidenced by the reality of their existence, but most of them seem more interested in mundane affairs than in what their circumstances truly mean. More importantly, Nosferatu rarely give any care to the Malkavian perspective. This conundrum tends to leave most Malkavians confused and unwilling to spend much time around the Sewer Rats.

Toreador: Toreador are just oh-so-serious, with their art and their people and their politics. While more than a few Malkavians have served as muses to artists (and Artistes), their unique perspective on the world fueling feverish dances and wild sculptures, most Toreador sneer at the Malkavians, calling them Madmen. That’s fine; there’s enough who truly grasp the wisdom of the children of Malkav that the others can be ignored.

Tremere: Malkavians fear the Tremere. They do so dearly wish to enlighten them, but the Tremere often have defenses against such and respond with cold, calculated violence. In fact, rumours abound that Malkavians are kidnapped by the Tremere to be used in thaumaturgical experimentation. This conspiracy is terrifying enough that even more lucid Malkavians hold the Tremere at arm’s length and never trust one.

Ventrue: The Ventrue actively suppress the children of Malkav, trying to marginalize them and silence them. This makes exposing their hypocrisy and failings all the more delightful. Nothing vexes a Ventrue more than to be shown to be a fool, and nothing exposes the great joke of existence more than proving the failings of those who hold themselves as infalliable.

Caitiff: Malkavians judge Caitiff on an individual basis, attempting to enlighten those who will listen (or who, by virtue of their lack of wisdom, must be shown the Truth) and ignoring the rest. Until they find a Caitiff to be a lost cause, most Malkavians will happily explain their wisdom to one of the clanless.

Independents: Malkavians despise the Setites, viewing them as Ventrue with a penchant for sick, twisted perversions. The Giovanni are uniquely interesting, as those who can see beyond the veil of life and death, but the Necromancers rarely have any interest in letting the children of Malkav spend time with them. Like most Kindred, Malkavians fear the Assamites, but unlike most Kindred, they’ll take any opportunity to make one fail or look like a fool — the better to expose the comedy of existence. Ravnos and Malkavians are often kindred spirits, working together to tear away the veils hiding the truth, but such alliances are brief at best; both parties rapidly tire of the other’s proclivities.

Malkavian antitribu and the Sabbat: Most Malkavians fear the Sabbat, if only because it represents a threat to their existence. Since the clan isn’t really a unified political force, it has no singular opinion, but many Malkavians agree that there must be some unique insight that their antitribu have that the rest of the clan could benefit from seeing. Those Malkavians who’ve seen the behavior of the antitribu, however, would stridenly disagree.