Clan Stereotypes: Ventrue

Clan Stereotypes: Ventrue

It’s time for another episode of our “Clan Stereotypes” series, where we give you the rundown on what one clan thinks of its fellows in the Camarilla.

The Ventrue are the nobility of the Camarilla, the foundation upon which the Ivory Tower lies. These lords and ladies of the night gather prestige and influence to cement their rule over the “lesser” Kindred. However, the Ventrue do not do so merely for the sake of holding power; nay, they believe in noblesse oblige, the responsibility of a lord to lead and defend his charges. This burden informs the clan’s opinion on others.

Brujah: The Rabble are a constant thorn in the side of the Blue Bloods. Unruly, unbiddable, and uncontrollable, the Brujah constantly lash out at their betters, sometimes even screeching about the betrayal of Carthage. Ventrue have learned to channel this anger against the Camarilla’s enemies by giving the Brujah an obvious target to fight when possible, but otherwise, their response to the clan is a mix of brutal suppression and benign neglect.

Gangrel: The Ventrue realize the value the Beasts can provide in intelligence gathering, when and if they can be properly directed. Since Gangrel rarely engage in Prestation, they’re difficult to control; Ventrue largely rely on the threat of the Scourge to keep them in line, when they don’t decide to simply ignore them and view any information they provide as a bonus.

Malkavian: The children of Malkav are utterly mad. One simply can’t rule madmen (or Madmen), and so the Ventrue take the most reasonable action possible: sidelining, discrediting, and otherwise neutralizing this clan’s influence. More than one Ventrue has simply banished all Malkavians from her city or from her Primogen council.

Nosferatu: While the Nosferatu’s perversions sicken the Ventrue, only a fool dismisses the skills of the Sewer Rats. Ventrue typically publicly insult, mock, and turn up their noses at the Nosferatu while brokering for their information behind the scenes. In return, the Nosferatu keep up foul appearances in public and cut deals in private. While the Nosferatu may turn a Ventrue’s stomach, they’re a necessary evil.

Toreador: The Artistes are natural allies of the Ventrue; they desire structure and stability to protect the kine and support their arts, and the Ventrue are more than willing to oblige so long as they hold the reins of power. Members of these two clans often work closely together to secure control of a city through influence over the kine.

Tremere: Publicly, the Ventrue say the Tremere are one of the three pillars of the Camarilla, and that their support is key to the Ivory Tower’s strength. After all, the Tremere were instrumental in the founding of the Camarilla. Privately, however, the Ventrue are well aware of the Warlocks’ covetous ways, and they still haven’t forgotten how this clan suddenly appeared from the ashes of the diablerists of Saulot’s childer. The destruction of such foul creatures was necessary, but the suggestion that the Tremere partook of the Amaranth still dogs the dreams of the Ventrue. Ventrue accept the support of the Tremere, but they always keep them at arm’s length.

Caitiff: Caitiff are an aberration, the unfortunate consequence of Ventrue failures to maintain control and enforce the Traditions of Caine appropriately. If only the other Kindred would properly submit to Ventrue authority, these “mistakes” would no longer exist. To Ventrue eyes, the Caitiff are hardly even vampires, and they’ll take any opportunity to put one down. That’s simply enforcing the proper social order.

Independents: The independents vex the Ventrue, because they exist outside the proper social order of the Camarilla — and, most insultingly, they turned down the offer to join it. However, the Ventrue do realize that, with the exception of the Ravnos, the independents have… particular skills that may prove useful. Setites have a remarkable ability to bend the kine to their will, while the Giovanni can often extract information thought lost due to an unfortunately timed demise. The Assamites, naturally, are quite useful in quietly eliminating opposition. As for the Ravnos, most Ventrue would like nothing more than to see all the Deceivers turned to ash.

Ventrue antitribu and the Sabbat: As far as the Ventrue are concerned, publicly, there are no Ventrue antitribu. Privately, though, the Ventrue antitribu are seen as mistakes and failures that the clan must clean up. Those whose childer defect to the Sabbat suffer a massive loss of face and authority in the clan until they “deal with the problem.” As for the Sabbat as a whole, the Ventrue view it as the greatest threat to the Kindred since the Anarch Revolt and take any opportunity they can to lead the Camarilla in battle against these mad fanatics.