Character Survey: Part 1

Character Survey: Part 1

The Narration staff put their heads together and came up with this awesome survey to help flesh out your characters! But don’t worry, its not just homework, you also get 2 XP for filling it out!

Just answer all 13 questions and email them to to get your XP. All of this information is between you and the Storyteller. It will not be published for anyone else to see unless you wish it to be known (preferably after your character has been retired).

Since the XP award for completing this will be available to you current character and any characters you may play in the future, the 2 XP is non transferable (as you can just earn it again by completing the survey).

1. Describe your character’s life before becoming a vampire. Where and when was he or she born, raised, etc.? Who was his or her family?

2. Who Embraced your character, and why? Describe the events that transpired—or, at least, your character’s understanding of them.

3. What were the most important personal events in your character’s existence, personally or historically? How is each important? (Consider: First loves, marriages, serious illnesses/injuries, family/relations, crime/punishment, education, jobs/careers, and historical events.)

4. Identify why you chose each negative characteristic on your sheet (Flaws, Negative Traits, Derangements, etc.) and how they affect your character’s sense of self.

5. Is your character known to be dead? How does he or she deal with it (one way or the other)?

6. Who would remember or recognize your character? Was your character famous in some way?

7. Describe your character’s significant possessions (vehicles, weapons, works of art, supernatural artifacts, collections, etc.).

8. What emotionally significant possessions or mementos does your character have (photos, journals, jewelry, childhood possessions, creative works, etc.)?

9. Why is your character in Memphis?

10. What does your character do on a nightly basis? What is his or her routine like?

11. What does your character do for entertainment? Why?

12. Do public or private records of your character, mortal or otherwise, exist (Police, government, school, employment, taxation, birth/death certificate)? How does he or she keep these up-to-date (drivers’ license, vehicle registration, etc.)?

13. How does your character acquire and spend money (Credit cards, bank accounts, investments, bills, taxes, etc.)?