Character Survey: Part 2

Character Survey: Part 2

Here is the second part of our Character Survey! You get 2 XP for completing this half of the survey in addition to the 2 XP for the first half!

Just remember to email your responses to so you can receive your XP.

Again, All of this information is between you and the Storyteller. It will not be published for anyone else to see unless you wish it to be known (preferably after your character has been retired).

Since the XP award for completing this will be available to your current character and any characters you may play in the future, the XP is non transferable (as you can just earn it again by completing the survey).

1. What languages does your character speak, and how or when were they learned? How does your character keep them from being forgotten?

2. What are your character’s most profound desires, secrets, or prejudices? How does these manifest in the character’s behavior?

3. Is this your character’s original identity? If not, describe their past identities and how or why they changed them.

4. Why does your character belong to his or her faction, if there is a choice (Camarilla, Anarch, Sabbat, Independent)? What are his or her feelings toward them, or toward their opposition?

5. What are your character’s specific goals, and how does he or she hope to accomplish them?

6. Does your character dream or have nightmares? What about? (You are not required to have the Flaw Nightmares in order to have nightmares in general.)

7. What is your character’s relationship to their clan?

8. What (non-mechanical) trait or characteristic does your character love most about him or herself? Which one does he or she hate the most about himself or herself? What about in others?

9. Which words or phrases does your character (over)use?

10. What is your character’s theme song? And why?

11. What is your character’s relationship to religion? Does he or she practice actively? If so, why? If not, why not?

12. Does your character have any nicknames? If so, how did your character come by them?

13. What does your character do when he or she is angry? Happy? Sad? What are your character’s coping mechanisms?