March 2019 House Rules Updates

March 2019 House Rules Update


Wu Zao

There are as many different variations of the Wu Zao as there are editions in which they appear, so getting a solid, definite answer on what their Discipline spread should be is a guessing game.  Toward that end, we have decided there needs to be an HR to clarify.

In Riverside Opera, the Wu Zao have Auspex, Obfuscate, and Valeren as their In-Clan Disciplines.



When creating a Salubri in Riverside Opera, there are two Bloodlines you can choose from.  They have the same Clan Weakness (they can only feed from willing subjects), but they have slightly different In-Clan Disciplines.  Healers get Obeah, and Warriors get Valeren.  They are also slightly different cosmetically—Healers’ third eyes is blue, green, or brown, and Warriors’ third eyes are all red.  Any Salubri can learn the other Bloodline’s Discipline without drinking vitae, but they must still have a teacher.


Abilities and Traits

Abilities and Traits refresh at the beginning of each game session.


Path of Blood

In Riverside Opera, the Path of Blood is slightly different from rules as written, since in our canon, the Assamites still suffer from the Tremere Blood Curse preventing diablerie.


Path of Blood Hierarchy of Sins

5 – Killing a mortal for sustenance; Breaking a word of honor to a Clanmate.

4 – Refusing to offer a non-Assamite an opportunity to convert; Failing to destroy an unrepentant Kindred outside the Clan.

3 – Succumbing to frenzy; Failing to pursue the lore of Khayyin.

2 – Failing to demand blood as payment; Refusal to aid a more advanced member of the Path.

1 – Failing to tithe blood; Acting against another Assamite.


Assamites are heavily incentivized to collect blood as payment rather than trading in Boons.  It doesn’t matter what generation the blood is, really; the Clan is always happy to get any non-Assamite Kindred vitae at all.  Assamites following the Path of Blood are required to tithe at least one Trait of Vitae back to the Mountain each month (and Assamites not on the Path of Blood are encouraged to do so).  Once an Assamite collects 100 Traits of Non-Assamite Vitae of their Generation or lower (that they have not tithed) that character can return to Alamut to undergo a Ritual which lowers their Generation by one step.


Giovanni Clan Advantage

The Giovanni Clan Advantage grants one free Trait of the Retainers Background.  That Trait may represent a human, or it may be combined with two other Traits to represent a ghoul or wraith.  Each Trait of Retainer after the third adds one ghoul or wraith retainer, to a maximum of three total extra-human Retainers.


Changing Traits

Once a character has maximum Traits in a category, their player may spend 1 XP to change one of those Traits to a different Trait in that same category (e.g., to change Ferocious to Quick).  Characters who do not have maximum Traits in a category may not spend XP this way.  Characters may not spend XP to change their Negative Traits.