House Rules Update – April 2019

April 2019 House Rules Update

Addendum, 4/16 – Updated Stats for Bows

Given that the Crafting system has made guns extremely powerful and the only choice for ranged combatants, we have updated the stats for bows to make them somewhat more competitive and to give choice to players.  The previous Dark Epics stats are listed in strike-through text below.
All bows, when given the “Puissance compatible” Crafting effect now allow the user to use their Potence when firing these weapons.
Though it is not a House Rule, per se, it bears clarification here: arrows are compatible with Quietus and various Necromantic and Thaumaturgical rituals.
Bonus Traits: 2 3
Negative Traits: Fragile (which makes basically no sense, but whatever)
Concealability: Trenchcoat
Damage: 1L 2L
Rate: 1 3
Special Abilities: Staking, Armor Piercing, Two-Hand Requirement
Bonus Traits: 3 4
Negative Traits: Fragile, Heavy
Concealability: None
Damage: 2L 3L
Rate: 1 2
Special Abilities: Staking, Armor Piercing, Two-Hand Requirement, Destroy Shield
Bonus Traits: 2 3
Negative Traits: Heavy, Slow
Concealability: None
Damage: 2L 3L
Rate: 1 Special (every other action must be a reload action with this weapon)
Special Abilities: Staking, Armor Piercing, Two-Hand Requirement, Destroy Shield

Action Economy

Characters may not benefit from more than five total actions per round.  Celerity, Retainers, Allies, Crafted items, and all other NPC forces controlled by a character’s player count toward this limit.

Quell the Beast

Using Quell the Beast on a target that is not in frenzy does not prevent the target from spending Willpower to resist frenzy.

King of the Hill

We have rewritten a few powers for the King of the Hill system.  During the end of year survey, many players requested that we make changes to certain weak, confusing, or otherwise problematic powers, and we have taken those suggestions to heart.

New Keyword – Untraceable

Untraceable powers are not broadcast on the King of the Hill board and may not be investigated using regular Influence.

Church: Resolute Mind

The church is a strong, calming influence, even on the Kindred.  Even if one does not personally believe in the particular trappings or dogma of a given religious doctrine, no one could argue that a church on a calm night, sitting in a pew, listening to the quiet music of wind and chimes does not do a soul good.  As such, the Deacon gains an additional Trait in each of their Virtues and an additional Willpower Trait for as long as they remain the Deacon.  This power is always active and cannot be loaned.

High Society: I Have a Guy for That

The Trendsetter is well known throughout human circles, and humans far and wide are aware of them and likely even owe them favors.  As such, once per month, the Trendsetter may choose Allies, Contacts, Fame, Herd, Influence (any sphere), or Retainers.  Until the beginning of the next game session, the Trendsetter gets two extra points in those Backgrounds for use as they choose.  These Backgrounds are considered loaned, and no experience points are added to their character sheet.  These Backgrounds can raise a character above their Generational limits.

Police: Seize Assets

The Commissioner is a powerful public force, and they have phenomenal powers to disrupt regular citizens’ lives.  Once per month, the Commissioner may target a character and a sphere of influence they believe that character possesses.  Agents in the police department then harass and detain two of that character’s informants.   The Commissioner may then spend those two influences for themselves.  If the character does not possess any unspent influence in the chosen sphere, this power has no effect.  Influences gained this way are considered to be loaned and are not removed from or added to character sheets.

The Commissioner may also acquire one Common item per month of their choice, per ST approval.  This part of the Commissioner’s power is Untraceable.

Street: Back Alley Dealing

The Triple O.G. has people everywhere.  At the grocery store, in the court houses, in the jail, and even in the church.  Any information, they can find with ease.  Once per month, the Triple O.G. may call on their informants to scout out the opposition.  The Triple O.G. picks an Influence move or a King of the Hill bid, and their informants discover how many Influence was spent on the move and to whom those influence belong.

Additionally, the Triple O.G. can move silently through mortal circles as well.  Once per month, they may cloak a single Influence move as though they had spent 2 Influence toward the effort.  This part of the power is Untraceable.

Underworld: This is My City

The ability to see all Influence boards is now Untraceable.

University: Boundless Research

The lore part of this power now is Untraceable.